05 Apr 2018



delligerents n; deliverance + belligerent + parents


Aka “pooh-back time”


(like ‘payback’ but concening the mom who had to change your shorts, and put up with all your sh** first)


Time in one’s life when the oxytocin hormone of love starts to really kick in…..


recalling parents loving you in your own deliverance, keeps you hopelessly devoted to them, even throughout all their belligerence






Example use

So hows taking care of mom?




“Ahh.. thank you for asking…The delligerents cycle runs full circle, is how it ‘begends’; the beginnings and the ends intertwined as cycles, a full circle-hyperspherical, combined, within a 4th dementional never ending reality is simply…….. sublime




What the heck does that mean?!!




It’s called,


 ‘Delligerents’, its like a very scary ‘deliverance’, except, theres ‘no Burt Reynolds escape’, from the parents, its like being


caught in some kind of paradoxical, love house, of mommy’s belligerence….   


You gotta just love it!


Word came from

deliverence + belligerance + parents = delligerents