02 Mar 2018



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visualante n; see (‘capa cee tee’)

a member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertakes a wide awake, visually, vigil, enforcement in their community especially to prevent mass shooting incidents

A visualante is not to be confused with 'vigiliante' which means one who takes the law into their own hands without legal authority

A visualante does not take the law into his own hands rather he takes his own carerful attention to assist the law by using a capa cee tee approach which is before a situation or person reaches a certain capacity, 'cee and tell'  , see by 'carefully catching cues, then tell everyone everywhere 









visu    (colloquial, dialectal) careful, precise






1.    The action of looking.


2.    The power of sight.


vis (plural vires)


1.    Force; energy; might; power.


1.    wise, knowledgeable


2.    certain, not to be doubted


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Word came from

vigilante + visual