02 Mar 2018

Capa Capa Cee Tee


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Capa Capa Cee-Tee; A sort of, ‘Coat of Arms’ forority (visually, vigil), ‘visualante’ club(for guys and gals) signifying honor and chivalry; a crime preventing drive marshalling an expedition to fully conquer the mass shooting copycat dilemma/phenomena




Capa Capa Cee Tee; a ‘visualante’; a member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertakes a wide awake, visually vigil, enforcement in their community especially to prevent mass shooting incidents


Motto; do something that matters, pay close attention to borderline, ‘mass-shooting, mad-hatters’, aspire to see and tell, report the suspicious behavior or, do nothing and see your country go to hell


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