05 Feb 2018





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shoerns n(‘shorns’ but can also be pronounced ‘show-erns’! )


extremely worn, and ‘torn to shreds’; make shift ‘shoews’ dwindled down to looking more like sandals, revealing dangerously sharp-cheezy smelling nail daggers called ‘taggers’(long sharp dagger like toes nails) a foul smelling force that causes most anyone to immediately shear out in the opposite direction, but also, obviously ‘shows’ the unfortunate one wearing them isnt ‘earning’ much


show-ern v; a show of concern for those who don’t earn; the idea that we really cant understand someone unless we walked in their shoes; any, ‘show’ that reminds us to be grateful for what we got and what we ‘earn’, so that we can show a little concern for those who don’t earn


shoews; shaws(shoes with jaws) worn without socks



Example use

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Word came from

shoe + worn+ show + earn

by artigs