31 Jan 2018

trala-lala-la, talk to the ‘Trall’


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"trala-lala-la, talk to the ‘Trall’; Talk to the ‘Trump Wall’; euphemisism for, ‘talk to the hand’ because ‘im not listening to you’, but talk to the Trall is specifically used to avoid confrontations with obnoxious Democrats who are like trying to talk to a wall, so you just wave your hand in front of you to indicate a Trump-wall that protects you from their attacks, and say tralalalala talk to the Trall 


  1. meaningless syllables used when humming a tuneNorwegian


  1. used to vocalize a melody or a cry to express joy




Example use

Man! Trump’s an out of control racist! Tell me one thing he’s done so far??


Ahhh, Just look at the Nasdaq? yo I don’t need to convince you about Trump because he already won, so get over it, you’ve been trumpled, trumped, and dumped… So ‘Talk to the Trall’ punk!!


I dont care what you say, Trump's a racist, liar, hitler, bully, rough around the edges and blablabla...(cut off by the, trala-lala-la...) 

.."Trala lala-la, trala-lala-la, talk to the Trall, talk to the trall, trala-lala-la, trala-lala-la, talk to the Trall, talk to the trall!! Now look whose walkin Trall loser!"




what you say when you are insanely bored. a way of changing the subject.

Norwegian Nynorsk



  1. imperative of tralla

to sing casually, wordlessly, (sing tralala), to hum


Word came from

tralla or trala-lala-la/talk to the hand; to ignore someone else

by artigs