31 Jan 2018



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This word is dedicated to Trump and his first state of the union speech, January 30th 2018 

Trall; Trump Wall


TRA’ALL(tra-all); Threat, Reduction, Aligned, with Love, in Life for All, wall


Trall; The great, transcendental, transcultural, enthralling wall of, ‘leadership’ towards a ‘safer, free-er world’, for all; a ‘tralala’, all mighty, trumpet-humming, wall that can’t be seen because it’s not even built yet, but like a transom, beaming window into the transpicuous, border wall of the soul, it traverses, transduced energy, most certainly heard and felt, reverberating around the world, as just the ‘pretrumptuous’ talk or even idea of building such a, transubstantiated, ‘impenitrumple’ wall has not only transpierced into the heart, a significant reduction of border crossings, raising a transpiration of nervous illegals to sweat more since Trump’s inauguration, it’s also transmitting a positive transvalued interest into more highly advanced, transmogrification border wall technologies, that even the most remote, transmontane regions of the world are now considering as, trans-possible which is definitely something to transponder 




Example use

Trump's wall hasnt even been built yet but its already there!


Its called a "Tra-All" you cant see it but you can feel it and its transcending love for US All!!

Word came from

Trump + wall

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