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outqidian v(out-kiddian) to go out and be a kid again, at least a quarter of your day


outqidian n (out-qi-dian, out-kee-dian) of the right amount; a daily dose of, 'meditation and fun' by playing outside the box at least 4 times per day


outqidian v; to engage in at least 4 pleasurable activities is the key to having a heavenly day




outqidian; a prescription; to go outside at least 4 times a day, meditate, and be a kid again








Abbreviation of Latin quater (or quattuor) in die.


QID ‎(not comparable)


(pharmacology) Four times a day






qi m (plural qis)


chi (philosophy) A life force in traditional Chinese philosophy, culture, medicine, etc. related (but not limited) to breath and circulation




Scottish Gaelic


 dian (comparative dèine)


1. passionate, enthusiastic, zealous, fervent, eager, keen


From Old Occitan dia, from Vulgar Latin *dia, from Latin di?s, ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *dy?ws (“heaven, sky”).




dian; devine


ian; gods gift



Example use

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Word came from

quotidian; daily

Image result for quotidian cartoonquotidian (comparative more quotidian, superlative most quotidian)(medicine) Recurring every twenty-four hours or (more generally) daily (of symptoms, etc). [from 14th c.]

From Anglo-Norman cotidian, cotidien, Middle French cotidian, cotidien, and their source, Latin cott?di?nus, qu?t?di?nus (“happening every day”), from adverb cott?di?, qu?t?di? (“every day, daily”), from an unattested adjective derived from quot (“how many”) + locative form of di?s (“day”).



"You gotta be outkidding me!!

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