30 Jan 2018



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trater n; ‘Trump hater’

trater n; one with serious behavioral problems and a psychotic denial of defeat

trater n; typical American far left liberal voter who doesn’t do or even know how to do any kind of detailed fact-based analysis 

trater v; to argue, like a traitor, against ones own country without considering the facts and truth, dangerously defaming, implicating, and inciting violence against someone undeserving of such cruel and hatred treatment

As soon as a knowledgable, fair and balanced, 'trump supporter' argues the facts with reason, it causes the, trater to trumplode(explode with anger, running away shouting, treason, treason!!!) 



trater; (transitive) to treat (to handle, behave toward in a specific way)

to try, to attempt 



trater  'trata' ; to quarrel 


Clinton lost because she was a weak candidate with too many liabilities and too many people simply didn’t want to vote for her. Even if she’d been a man I think she would have lost


Example use

Hey, i got a date!?

Great! You better find out if she's a 'trater' because if she is, chances are, you'll never mate her 

Ok, Ill tell her i love trump in the morning, after she makes me breakfast

good idea! 

Word came from

Trump + hater

by artigs