30 Jan 2018



trumple v; A righteous, “Right”, “trample” and “trump’(win) against an opponent


trumpler n; one who gets trampled on but still manages to come out on top trumpling the trampler who attempted to trample


trumplervious; impervious, impenitrumple, trumpler; trumpling any trampler  


When someone gets trumpled, the losers pull out their hair, hysterically shouting out in final breaths of air, “Unfair, unfair! Not my President! He didn’t win, it’s theft!!” until the trumpling, trumpet drums, end, and theres no one, ‘Left’ except for the last man standing, the most admired, in devinity and deft




Wow he really trumpled them good!! Served them right!


You mean, “trampled”?!

No, if you trample without a good righteous cause youre just a tramp, trampling, but if youre a righteous winner it’s a trumple……

Example use

Not available

Word came from

Trump + trample

by artigs