29 Jan 2018

D Trumpliribust TudaMoonum


Image result for Trump The wizard of beating the odds cartoon

Image result for Trump The wizard of beating the odds cartoon


D Trumpluribust TudaMoonum; In God We Trust, to the moon with Trump, or Bust

 "The wizard of beating the odds"  : A Modern Day Wizard of Oz

E pluribus unum was considered a de facto motto of the United States


IE  Pluribus Unum still appears on U.S. coins even though it is no longer the official national motto! The United States Congress gave that honor to In God We Trust in 1956 by an Act of Congress (36 U.S.C. § 302.)


In the 1939 film The Wizard Of Oz, the Wizard gives the Scarecrow a Diploma from The Society of E Pluribus Unum.

They travel along the Yellow Brick Road (the gold standard) to see the Wizard, who could represent President Grover Cleveland or William McKinley. (“ Oz” itself is the abbreviation for ounce, which is the standard for measuring gold. The green of the Emerald City represents the dollar.)







1.     in that direction, that way, there, thither


SSlovak Czek


um m


1.    skill, art,




um; mind ntellect wit


Example use

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Word came from

E Pluribus Unum; a defacto motto to meaning; one of many

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