29 Jan 2018




gidget n; midget snow-woman(see snidget) usually made to accompany a snidget in a fridge

gidget n; gay midget


Example use

hey i see you have a 'gidget' snow-woman in the fridge but where's her snidget boyfriend?

We'll he didnt want to raise any baby gadgets, he couldnt afford anything but a tiny freezer, so he just left, got himself some hands and went North, the little, ice-hole, geezer!

Word came from

girl + midget + snow-woman


Post card of Snidget in the North Pole

"Ice ice baby!!! look gidget!!?? I finally got hands!! Im still head over heals for you! I want to have many gadgets with you. Please take me back, I promise i wont be an ‘ice-hole’!!


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