28 Jan 2018



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snidget n; a snowman-midget, usually kept snug in a freezer or fridge; small snowman, with potentially the longest snelf-life span ever

snelf-life; a snowman's shelf life span in a freezer 



Example use

mom: Billy what's that little snowman doing in the freezer?!

Billy: well, mommy when there is only enough snow to make half a snowman, you make a snidget, then you put the little snidge in the fridge, but if you want him to last all summer long, youll have to make him ‘hooler’, so hed be ‘happier, even cooler’,


mom: And how do you do that?


Billy; By making him another snidget, because then hell have someone to snuggle with, his very own, ‘popcicle sweet heart’ and that would be a, ‘gidget’(his snow-woman, girlfriend, snidget)


Mom;  Billy, r you sick ?


Ya, ‘I-sickle’…..psyclicle!!!


Word came from

snowman + midget = snidget girl + snowman = gidget

snidget and gidget 5 years later......


Related image

snidget; Ya, I have been working out. Im branching about 250lb now, and I think its time for me to branch out of here and go North for the summer, we're too big now to live in a fridge, and you look like you could use some hair “snownade occonner”


gidget: you better watch it, ‘sno’hands man!!


snidget: You just wait til I get my trunks on some hands, i'd be outta here!!!


gidget; ok, but you'll be a father soon, im having your 'gadget'!!

gidget sings "Im having your gadget!!... what a lovely way to sayin how much you love me!.... Im having your gadget, what a lovely way to sayin what youre thinkin of me!!"

snidget; That's it! Im outta here! How do you even know its my gadget!!?