26 Jan 2018




vacate-shunned n; a supposed ‘vacation’, used as a disguise to vacate a job for fear of being shunned and fired upon retuning to work


embarrassed and shunned, a trumped hater decides to just leave and never return to the place of work, where they’re considered to be an ‘outrighteous’ ‘fake hating’ jerk






Example use

what happened to the fake haters who use to work here?


They went on an, extended, indefinite, “vacate-shunned” never to return again. Unfortunately, they neglected to logically think through their brash promises of moving to another country if Trump won, Canada wouldn’t even let them in because their immigration is even more strict


Why didn’t they just go to Mexico, anyone can get in there?


Because they didn’t want to pay for half of Trump’s Wall

Word came from

vacate + shunned + vacation

by artigs