31 Dec 2016



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sceautiful n, adj, (pronounced, scee- ah- you-teeful);

sexy, cute & beautiful; a treasure , "dame-fully" employed 


Old English from 5th century until 11th century

sceatt; meaning,  "wealth" or "treasure"


sceat; projection, lap, bosom









Example use

"honey you are priceless, absolutely 'scea-utiful'!!!!







Word came from

A derivational blend of the words, ‘sceat’, ‘beautiful’, 'sexy' and 'cute'

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Honey, do you really think I'm still sceautiful?!

Yes dear, you're still sceautiful!

well, take a picture then, it'll last longer!!!!  Get out of here and close the door please!

yes dear







by truble