23 Jan 2018



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S-hole; synonymous to drain the swamp; a democrap’s,  ‘s’ we dump, and the ‘hole’, to get rid of it, is the soul in the hypersphere ‘torus’, brought to you by the best President ever, Donald J Trump whose always been for ‘US’


S-hole; a Torus, hypershere, donut ‘hole’ provided by Trump so that all the ‘s’ can be dumped


The ‘s’ represents all the Trump hating demo-‘craps’ 


hole; a way to drain the s out of the demcraps


 ‘S’ show; just another demo-crappy show; an attempt to sabotage a winner




Example use

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Word came from

euphemism for 'shit-hole' which was alleged by democrats to be what Trump said

by artigs