23 Jan 2018

Flake News


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Flake News; aka‘Clake and Forker’; tastless, worthless orts, pieces of cake eaten with a forker; self sabotaging news


 ‘Clake and Forker’ is what anything negative Corker or Flake says about, Trump, he just devours and poops out as if it were a slice of ‘clake’, a dry, flaky, cake of candied corker; a lovely, pulchritudinous desert that Trump just gobbles up with a silver ‘forker’


Flake news; any self promoting, ‘expussay’, news that only uncovers dirt on the flashy flaker who made the statements


expussay; expose from a flake, usually having the opposite effect; uncovering that the expussayer is still a pussay


Flake News; news from one whose horrible approval ratings are so low, its actually called, ‘underground missle siloh ratings’


A Flake news report is usually a hail mary, go for broke act where, one craps on their own people, pretends to hate someone, let’s say, like, ‘Trump’, and then does the Romney act, defames the president, just to sell his new book



Example use

hey did you hear Trumps got heart disease and theyre gambling in vegas against if hell get impeached before dying from a heart attack

Ahh, just more Clake you eat with a Forker bro!! Flake news!!

Word came from

'Flake' name of a very unpopular democrap

by artigs