22 Jan 2018



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koi-tinox (koy-ee-tee-nox) show kindness, friendship, and love by preventing one from doing something irrational or crazy like drinking and driving; a huge oxytocin releaser




koi; friendship and love



  1. most, more (intensifier)


Portugese  / Spanish

tino; sound judgment, good sense, tact, sensitivity


tinox; skill and tact of using good judgment in a more thoughtful, ‘pense’, not only boosts oxytocin levels, it reels in even more good fortune,‘ti’,  for the one employing the ‘tino’ , in a very big, ‘sense’

tinox; any action that generates oxytocin, makes good sense


KOI-tinox; ‘Kind’ of Over It; kindness from forgiving makes good sense which generates the oxytocin that keeps out the toxin


showing koi (love and friendship) stimulates The Well-being, a Tri-effecta of dopamine, oxytocin and seratonin that gets rid of the poisons, cortisol or toxins


In Japanese, koi is a homophone for another word that means "affection" or "love"; koi are therefore symbols of love and friendship in Japan.




From a Polynesian language, related to Hawaiian k?.


ti  The good luck plant, Cordyline fruticosa





  1. sensibleness; intelligence; reasonableness; moral integrity; good sense of judgeme



Example use

nox nox!!

whose there??


koitinox who?

koi-tinox, me, a friend who wants to buy you a cup of coffee or tea and keep you from having another dweee!(DWI)

Word came from

oxytocin; love hormone



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