17 Jan 2018



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genetrumptics n(gene'-trump-ticks); superior trump genetics, with heart; race horse like genes of a blessed, winner so powerful, it ticks off anyone with bad genetics


genetrumptics; genetics of one with extremely, high energy, above average exercise capacity, and a sustenance, dream diet of a teenage boy with an overall cleaner lifestyle that trumps unhealthy habits, especially one with the benefit of never smoking, drinking or succumbing to excessive stinking thinking which is the worst things one can do for health, and can also explain why one with genetrumptics doesnt need as much sleep, and can potentially live up to 200 years of more winning in remarkably, smooth and glorious, pulchritudinous, stealth  


(genetics) A theoretical unit of heredity of living organisms ; a gene may take several values and in principle predetermines a precise trait of an organism's form (phenotype), such as hair color



gene; Something that bothers; a nuisance.


In Wiradhuri language 'gene' or 'geen' means 'heart'

The Wiradjuri people Wiradjuri southern dialect pronunciation [wira?j?u?raj]) are a group of indigenous Australian Aboriginal people that were united by a common language, strong ties of kinship and survived as skilled hunter–fisher–gatherers in family groups or clans scattered throughout central New South Wales.



     (literary) Having great physical beauty.


Urban dictionary


stealth; remarkable, exquisite, glorious, awesome, smooth, bodacious, fine, tremendous, pulchritudinous    



Example use

So how can Trump beat all those professional politicians, without much sleep and then get the people of the United States to vote for him to be President?

Its called 'genetrumpicks'

But CNN says he's got heart disease??!!

Ya thats what they hope, its more like "dart his-ease", he will easily dart, like a missle, any signs of that with ease, just wait and see... 

Word came from

Trump + genetics

by artigs