17 Jan 2018

rigally sclewed



rigally sclewed(rig-ally-sclewd) 'ripped off and given the boot by a more powerful,  rigged, legal system that fights against you, an evolved, ‘whoever has the biggest stick wins’, that is now, whoever has the highest paid lawyer, wins, with the advantage that no matter how much you use a lawyer, it won't snap into pieces as nobody seems to really care whether you actually did anything wrong 

Unfortunately, if you don't happen to be the wealthy sort, the system is stacked against you and you will be ‘ex-sclew-dead’, rigally!



rigally; royally ripped off by a rigged legal system




sclewed; one way street to being properly and royally screwed by an American justice, so called legal system that doesn't care less about principles 


Example use

So your elderly mother who  clearly got robbed, cheated out of many thousands by Lifestyle lift/aka Fresh Image, Chase Bank and Clear Choice and the attorneys cant do anything!!??

Nope! She's 'rigally sclewed', ex-sclewdead!! And even if she died it wouldnt be enough for her to win because the big guns control the attorneys bro....

What a 4th world country we live in!

Word came from

regal + legally + screwed

by artigs