15 Jan 2018






haltch(hawtch); to half watch something, ie; to do something else more interesting or more important while watching tv etc..  


haltchers; aka, ‘unreachables’; millennials and gen xers who don’t watch any traditional tv anymore which incites a creative wake up call for advertisers to adapt to the changes in the world of tv

haltcher; a gamer who plays games on one half of the screen while watching something on tv


Almost half of adults 22 to 45 years old are watching absolutely no content on traditional TV platforms, according to a new study by Omnicom Media Group agency Hearts & Science.


It's pretty scary," says Hearts & Science CEO Scott Hagedorn, referring to the group as "unreachable" by marketers. "We are not reaching young audiences effectively, just over-indexing on older viewers on TV."








Example use

Hey did you see that tv show, its only the most popular tv show ever?


Sorry, Im a haltcher, I never watch tv, at most just half watch some cable shows etc..

Word came from

half + watch

by artigs