15 Jan 2018




pretrumptuous; powerful, righteous, presumption that is so consistantly right it doesnt seem proper, usually from one who takes the x-factors of momentum and winning into account


pretrumptive; a presumptive winning streak; the presumptive winner; usually the one who is doing the presuming is most brazen, ends up trumping them all, infuriating even further the opposition 






Example use

P"resident Trump has the right to be ‘pretrumptuous’ because more than often, when it really counts, he’s right; a ‘pretrumptive’ force (most often, presuming right (correctly) the presumptive winner, in one word, ‘pre-trumptive’) one to be reckoned with unlike never before


Word came from

presumptuous; overly confident, presuming something before knowing it for a fact

by artigs