15 Jan 2018




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kappiness; the idea that, ‘Kindness’ makes one ‘happy’, and ‘happiness’ makes one ‘kind’.


kappiness; to have slowed down because the highest ‘kind’ of happiness which had been trying to catch you, has finally caught up with you and caught you 


kappy; kind + happy; kind in happy, happy in kind, if feeling good makes you happy, kappy makes you feel better and also soothes the mind




kapp n (genitive singular kapps, no plural)


1.  zeal, eagerness


2.  energy, effort


3.  competition




kap (first-person singular past tense kapa, participle kapur)


1.  grab


2.  catch


3.  grip




kap; to get, to receive




kap; catch




kappy; a ‘kind’ of elevated, spiritual, happy that makes one really able to finally relax and unwind, just from being kind


Example use

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Word came from

kind + happy

by artigs