11 Jan 2018

dumb wetter


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dumb-wetter; a very ingnorant waiter, like wet behind the ears but just lower and between the legs, usually fired within a couple of weeks because of her constant, promiscuous behavior flirting with customers


dumb wetter; (see “cuntspiculous”) 




harlesden slang for a promiscuous girl.a female who loves having sexual intercourse.in extreme cases,possibly numerous times, with different bres on a daily basis. UBD


Used to define someone who crossed the border illegaly and thus wet his back crossing the Rio. UBD






Example use

what a 'dumb wetter' she is!! She's handing out her telephone # to every guy customer who enters the restaurant!!

Yep, and she's a mexican named, 'Amy' wearing a blonde wig,  definitely a cuntspiculous, pocho chick! She wont last long !

Word came from

dumb waiter; (unable to speak) a movable table, typically with revolving shelves, used in a dining room. Invented by Thomas Jefferson

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by artigs