11 Jan 2018






Amyxican’t (a mixican’t); any rude cuntspiculous, Mexican chick using an American name such as, ‘Amy’, but can’t pull it off, only ends up acting like a 'merk', a mexican jerk


Amyixcan't is similar to when a white guy tries to act black which would be ‘wack’


Merk; a mean, Mexican jerk




Urban dick




merk: noun; some one who goes on 4chan all day, avoiding their necessities of life, even in causing stress, drama and anger in other peoples lives.




To diss, to intellectually injure someone.


to "creep on" or stalk people (or a certain person) via the internet, usually on a social networking site like facebook


Merk is a combination of mean and jerk. A merk would not understand what they are being called because mean jerks are not intelligent. You can also combine other words to make your own insults that not many will understand; insulting them on a new level and not explaining your madness behind it. You're welcome.


Example use

Not available

Word came from

A Mexican + can't + Amy

by artigs