10 Jan 2018



My name is Army!! You like my chia-pits??

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cuntspiculous(cunt-spic-ulous); when a ‘stupid, abnormal, Mexican chick’ with ‘balls’ and whoring rep, conspiculously displays a ridiculous, rude and unpleasant behavior; characteristics of an unsavory, disrespectful foreigner, that inspires a country to secure its border with a more, ‘impenitrumple’ wall  


cuntspiculous; when an out of line, ‘amyloidosis, disease causing, character, a hispanic chick, usually a waiter/hostess at Applebees who is so conspicuously out of line flirting with customers, they only last a couple of weeks until they’re waxed off(fired)


‘amyloidosis disorder’; (a bad waxy starch build up that results from degeneration of tissue and is linked to various diseases)


‘amyloidosis disorder’; juan percent Mexican, 99% amyloid wax


Warning; cuntspiculous Mexican chicks, are like a kind of amyloidosis, disease causing, wax build up, a type of wax that can cause serious damage and so should never be, “waxed on”, but if one should ever encounter a dose of her wax, immediately avoid being annoyed by her amyloidosis and ‘wax it off’ (avoid the cuntspiculous amyloid at all cost and go the other away)  






Example use

dude you know that cuntspiculous chick that you had lunch with is full of diseases!!?


Ya, I know, that’s why I only bought one cheap burrito, then i cut the burrito in half that way I could have my piece and she could have herpes!!!

HAAA!! Good one bro, Amyavoid her at all cost!!!

Word came from

conspicuous + ridiculous + cunt + spic

Image result for crazy mexican chick cartoon

by artigs