07 Jan 2018

crap dium


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crap dium; don’t do crap today, just shut up, clear the mind, and carpe the crap out of that shit tomorrow


crap dium; get shit done, enough talk already


crap dium; sees the dung! Have a great poop but don’t tell me about it; situation when someone announces having to take a crap when no one needs to know about it








“throwing plans and routines to the wind and becoming more experimental in the way we live. We need to liberate ourselves from our electronic calendars and booking up our weekends weeks in advance, and recover a more unplanned approach to the art of living which existed before the Industrial Revolution, when we weren’t constantly checking the time and obsessed with being “efficient” and “productive”.

"hedonism – in healthy doses – has been a route to human wellbeing for millennia: when the conquistadors arrived in the Americas, they discovered the Aztecs tripping on magic mushrooms. Downing a few tequila slammers or smoking a joint under the stars can sometimes help us with our troubles just as much as a trip to a therapist" 

Example use

sorry, I gotta take a crap!


Well ‘crap dium’ bro! get outta here take your crap I don’t want to hear about your shii !!

Word came from

carpe diem

by artigs