02 Jan 2018

Yellow dented yoni-heater(aka 'Little Bird with Big Balls')


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Yellow dented,Yoni-heater AKA ‘Little-Bird-with big balls’

Indian name for a brave, political dodo bird, with balls; the original ‘angry bird’; one who can’t fly like an eagle because she’s only a head with no body but big balls to support her preach, but she still tries to pull it off by pretending to sing like an eagle when eagles don’t even sing, they either soar or they screech


yellow dented yoni heater; one who shows absolutely no ‘consanguinity’(resemblance or blood relation)



yellow-dented; bellowed yelly-suck-sapper(opposite of yellow bellied sap sucker); brave because of having a dented brain but dumb, loud and proud with balls too big to fly above the cloud 




yoni-heater; ‘wild cat in heat’; female who incites and annoys





Example use

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Word came from

Yellow Belly sap sucker + a heated yoni- female with constant hot flashes

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A bird with no balls is a firecracker waiting to happen



by artigs