21 Dec 2017




goninsanyutic, n(gone-insane-you-tick) no where close to being part of something

 goninsanyutic, n;  in no way blood related; to be part of rigging a system that benefits the rich and then to complain about how the system is being rigged to benefit the rich

goninsanyutic; euphemism for "a few feathers short of a headress"


goninsanyutic v; (from,  a gutsy, crazy, insane, 'American steps to success', story) an application, poli-ticks process used when applying for an extremely prestigious job such as, let's say, Harvard Professor:


first, #1, ‘yutic’(you tick) whatever box it takes to get you the job, ie claiming to be a Native American even when you are far from it.


#2. Then just because yutic the minority box, Harvard, eagerly accepts the claim!— as they could tick off two boxes to show diversity: female and minority which is just as insane! 


But then it comes back to haunt you like a 'con-sanguinity',  Pocahontas ghost in very-close vein, yutic off not only the real natives but your own party of constituents as well, and so your rep will never be the same, in fact, it’s already gone, game over! You fell.....You've, ‘goninsanyutic’, trapped in a ‘poli-ticks’ kind of hell!!!!


goninsanyutic; an attempt to associate or attach to a group of people without rationale for doing so, except for maybe personal gain knowing that trying to pass off such claim would make them, ‘infamous’, looking as if they’ve gone insane to claim such blood relative minority status, especially native Indian, when there is absolutely no resemblance or any documented confirmation, and then ‘yutic’ off the real natives you claim to be portraying, and get offered ‘brook deals’( shady past, crooked past, book deals)

yutic ; you-tick off peole like a lunatic because of what you always tick

Yutic-Dinian;  do-do bird Indian; a fake who ticks people off 

Dinian n; relentless, loud, screetching, two-faced, dodo-bird, 'USAnian' who fakes being a native "Indian"

yutic; you-tick off people like a lunatic because of what you tick;





goninsanyutic n; any lunatic with absolutely no blood relation but still attempts a ‘poor-trail’ of jeers proclamation anyway because no matter how bad it gets, being a dirty infamous cheater, gets the most, “brook deals” (crooked made book deals).  No matter what had to be done to get there.


And that’s what its all abou


Her next brook deal, “Brook She-yields”; How to be a crook, in order to sell a book, make lots of money, and be off the hook, no matter what it took or what the look



Example use

Yo bro what category do i tick?

Youre in America, Bobby Rigged!! So 'goninsanyutic'!, "go on, be insane", 'yutik' whatever it takes to get you there, even if you have to lie, dats the name of the game...

Word came from

consanguinity; blood related

Consanguinity ("blood relation", from the Latin consanguinitas) is the property of being from the same kinship as another person. In that aspect, consanguinity is the quality of being descended from the same ancestor as another person.

Image result for native indian consanguinity elizabeth warren cartoon  When theres absolutely no consanguinity, the conas only path, choice is 'goninsanyutic'

by artigs