29 Dec 2016

meetu ao


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meetu ao(mitu-ayo); Literally, ‘Ya, ‘I love you too’; Lovely meeting/seeing you!

Or as, "appreciation" for sharing intimate thoughts and feelings, especially when the exchange is on a mental or spiritual level.

'meetu ao' can also be used just to remind one to stay 'strong', 'balanced', 'fearless', and to keep it flowing 'from the 'heart' with 'love'

mitu: [mé-tü]

a) Sanskrit word meaning strength in communion

b) Bengali word meaning balance

c) Japanese word meaning lack of fear

d) Thai word meaning from the depths of the heart

e) Spanish contraction of the words mine and yours

f) English phonetic for “me too”




Example use

meetu ao meetu ao!

what does that mean"

 means i 'love you too'

But i didnt say i love you?

 You will....




Word came from

eu te amo; Portuguese, 'i love you'

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by truble