21 Dec 2017



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scroothie n; a scrumptious, sumptious, smoothie,or anything extremely delicious and rich, sweet as a cookie. 

scroothie; truly scrumptious, silky smooth, beauty

scroothie v; to do a 'scroothie', is to make a sudden final decision to scram ie; while standing in line at Starbucks, to screw( leave) go home and make your own scrumptious, sumptious smoothie, usually a much  better and cheaper choice

scrumptious; extremely delicious 


sumptious; something splended and expensive looking.

to screw, v; slang, To leave or go someplace else Also a way to tell someone else to leave Urban Dictionary

Originally comes from WW2 navy slang.

Used by older folks mainly in Mass and NH.



Example use

Husband and Wife waiting in line at Starbucks :

Honey if you wanta make that movie we better do a 'scroothie'

Groovy, we can still watch the movie and then have my favorite homemade, 'scroothie', much better and cheaper, but better not be another stupid b movie!  

No worries we can always do another scroothie, scury and hurry to make something even more scrumptious,  sumptious and humptious...

Dont be presumptious!!..


Word came from

scrumptious + sumptious + smoothie

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by artigs