20 Dec 2017

High Butt Cheek Bones


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‘High Butt-Cheek Bones!’; Elizebeth Warrens, 'Cherokee' Indian ID card

Name on the ID card : "Chief High Butt-Cheek Bones", showing a blood relative honorary plaque, a photo of a ‘plumber’ exposing high butt-cheek bones, that only proves the, 'Cheek-rocheeky' Indian fraud is really high on butt-crack.



Example use

Skooter(AKA Chief High Butt-Cheek Bones): Hey shorty, i think my ancestry may be Indian

Shorty; Yes, Chief High Butt-Cheek Bones, your "incestry", ancestry filled with incest, has evolved into a, "Hills have eyes, trailer trash of nomads, yes I guess you could say a kind of very ugly Indian

Word came from

High Cheek bones = a plumber's butt crack

by artigs