20 Dec 2017



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Ponta-chaos;(see cona-opaths) a ‘red dinger’; opposite of ‘dead ringer’

Ponta chaos; puncted by a 'Polka-hauntus'(sing and dance that comes back to haunt you)


Ponta-chaos; someone who doesn’t have enough Native American heritage to claim minority status


Ponta-chaos; (see, ‘shingal-slot’) a fake, one who doesn’t even look anything like the real thing but tries to ‘wing it’ anyway which eventually leads to the chaos or, ‘shit hitting the fans’; a negative controversial result of a claim that ends up damaging one’s credibility rather than bolstering it


One who causes controversy for claiming to be a minority in order to use an unfair advantage by exploiting unsubstantiated ethnic roots, especially politicians and lawmakers; ie Elizabeth Warren



ponta m f (plural pontas)


  1. (soccer) winger


Old Portuguese






puncta; punctum,

punctus or punctum


  1. pricked, punctured, pierced, having been pricked.
  2. marked with points; stippled.
  3. stung, bitten, pinched, having been affected sensibly.
  4. vexed, annoyed, grieved, troubled, disturbed, having been vexed or annoyed.




red dinger; a cracked shot attempting to claim being a minority native indian  


Example use

Hey did you hear the one about the rodeo clown, a poverty pimp and a cherokee Indian walk into a bar?

No, what happened?

It was a 'Ponta-Chaos'; after their sing and dance, they left the bar without paying the bill, realizing youd been punct by a 'polka-hauntaus'

Word came from

POCAHONTAS; meaning, 'playful' After Pocahontas, a famous young Native American woman

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