17 Dec 2017





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flie; a lie that flies only until it comes back to hit you in the eyes


flie; situation when someone (a ‘fliar’) tries to ‘f’ up someone’s life with a tricky lie, all wrapped up in a, rigmarole of high-teched super-sleuth, but when the ‘lie’

won’t fly, it always comes back to destroy that girl or guy who started the flie, just by sticking to the simple truth











Example use

If Hillary's Indian name is 'Sitting Eagle', because its for a bird whose so full of turd it cant fly, since she also got away with all that money shouldnt her new Indian name be,  

'Flies Robbin FLIEs'.... Flies Robbin Flies....up up to the skies the limit apparently....

Word came from

Girl or Guy who tries to ''f'up(destroy) a life

by artigs