17 Dec 2017

Oliver's Twisted


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Oliver’s Twisted; an 'Oliver Twist', on crack, character; The Oliver who got left behind became 'twisted' beyond repair ; an Interfamily-thief; someone who steals (see grimrolae) from friends and family. A delusional, sociopath thief who suffers from a Personality Disorder thats full of jive, convinced he has a right to all his mother’s possessions and money while she’s still alive







Example use

Hey did you hear about the new play where a man reeks havoc within his own family and always saves the biggest heist for the xmas holidays when he rigmarolles his own mother?


Whats it called?


“Oliver’s Twisted”

Word came from

Oliver Twist off the track and on crack; the unsaved, alternate life

Image result for Oliver Twist on crack cartoon

by artigs