13 Dec 2017




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grimrolae (grim-ro-lae); to be ‘rigmarolled’ for the last time; of a certain, grim, and final, under-handed, “taking”; to steal, deceive or ‘roll’, especially one’s own, elderly, disabled, mother, ie, suffering from, dementia, stringing her (the victim) along, with outlandish, long and drawn out, rigmarole stories



Good Grim Riddence! Good, Grief, the grim-rolling is finally Gone



 A grimrolae is usually the last heist written off as a LAE(Lost/Loser Adjustment Expense)  the family member or mother who got ripped off realizes its actually a fortunate window of opportunity, and so considers the loss to be what it cost to get rid of a son who will never stop torturing her; the deal of the century, very worth it indeed









grim, taking 


  1.   ugly, unsightly
  2. nasty ghastly disgusting, gross and sinister


GrimRo-LAE-Off’; A Restraining Order to ‘lay off’ for good; to fire, terminate, or exterminate a Repeat Offender’s, Relentless Onslaught of Remarkable ‘Flies’ that Go way Beyond the Edge of the Observable Universe, and the vanishes into Oblivion






Its time for the grim-rippter-hoff to GO!


The time for all the


RO; Relentless Onslaughts


RO; Repeat Offender


RO; Ripped Off(his mother)


RO; Run Out(time)




RO; Restraining Order(given)


RO; Roll Over(days of rolling mom are over)


RO; Right-side Out(your mom is done with you, shes 'Right Out)


RO; Remittance Order (the loan)


RO; Ran Out already (time you had to pay has expired)


And so now you have expired and are at best a,


RO; Remarkable Oblivion


LAE; LOST/LOSER/Adjustment/Expense 







Example use


Are you going to let your son get away with stealing your 5 grand??


Grimrolae!! The little rabbit can have it! Im so tired of his lies and rigmarole, its better to it let go, so I never have to put up with him again. He didn’t get away with it, he knows and God knows what he did. At the end of the day hurray, hurray, Grimrolae, I finally got rid of that nasty kid.


He’s not my son. He’s actually more a combination of a, Dark Night Trilogy, where, fear Chaos and Pain, is mixed with a toxic character con-fusion of an, ‘Oliver Twisted’,


and the -brother murdering, ‘Atila the Hun-dread’.


He’s caused me so much pain and anxiety, Id rather be bludgeoned on the head than to go through all his rigmarole bull stories again and again I dread, so no worries its all Kool! Ya, sure he’s got my money, but who do you think is the real fool?          


Word came from

rigmarole + rigmarolled

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