10 Dec 2017



patookong n; tattoo on the boob(payudara) and one on the butt(bokong) origin; the bangpire-bat gang, bar girls, CJ's, Bats in Jakarta, Indonesia


pattoo; tattoo on the payudara(breast)


tookong; tattoo on the bokong(butt)   







Example use

dude, better be careful, shes got a 'pattookong', and that means shes a bangpire!

Whats that?

The new vampire, but a bangpire is much worse because they really exist and shell get you to suck her blood, once that happens, its all over!! Shell tear your heart out!!

Just what im looking for bro

Word came from

pattoo( tattoo payudara) + tookong(tattoo bokong)

by artigs