04 Dec 2017



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hovely-twu; (short for; “half as lovely, twice as true”)

when a man’s love is greater than the woman’s, so the man proclaims that he would accept if she were just half as lovely(hovely)if that would make her twice as true(twu) so that they could be together


hovely-twu; (short for the saying;  ‘if you want to be happy for the rest of your life never make a pretty woman your wife so get an ugly girl to marry you”


I love you, I love you, too much it seems, for any fool can see,
With your heart so crowded with other dreams, how can you dream of me?”

Example use

Wow, hovely twu, two times!!!!

Whats that?

Oh the girl i had is much too sexy and popular with all her men for me to compete, 'hovely twu', i wish she were half as lovely, twice as true..... 

Word came from

half as lovely(hovely) twice as true(twu)

by artigs