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cona-opaths n; any female claiming minority status(usually, in order to thwart an enemy) even when there is absolutely no physical resemblance, or documented confirmation


cona-opaths; a female, ‘political psychopath’, who will stop at nothing in order to tear (especially her male, superior) an opponent down




Cona; image




Cona;cona f (pluralconas)


1.   (vulgar) vagina






1.   (vulgar)damn




Old Irish




 m (genitivecon, nominative pluralcoin)


1.   dog, hound


2.   wolf






cum (pluralcus)


1.   (Brazil,vulgar)arsehole or asshole (anus)


2.   (Portugal,vulgar)ass, arse, butt


3.   (Brazil,vulgar) an annoying or boring person


4.   (Brazil,vulgar) anything annoying, boring or somewhat bad






co; variant of ‘cu’


cu; a hoot




Cona is Portuguese vernacular for vagina. The most accurate English translation would be cunt. Apparently it's also a common italian last name and an italian town (near Venice). Levar na cona




opath- opathy. A suffix that denotes a disease or disorder, as in neuropathy (a disorder of the peripheral nerves).


opath ; From Ancient Greekπ?θος (páthos, “suffering”).


psychopath; unstable, aggressive person










Example use

Can you believe this blue eyed, blonde haired, lady formally registered herself as a minority Indian??!!


Ya, well she’s what we Indians call a, 'cona-opaths',''half, dirty dog, half, Hungry wolf = dolfH ” ; a 'dolfH, Hitler’,psychopath, mixed with 'Standing Bull-shit' would reason that just because her father fantasized about having sex with younger Indian girls, it qualifies her to be Indian

Word came from

POCAHONTAS; meaning, 'playful'After Pocahontas, a famous young Native American woman

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