10 Nov 2017



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weett n;(we+ETT) we Equally Transmit Truth through new, witty words, ‘we eat’, ingested by people of all languages, sent through any transmission or publication e.g. ‘tweet’, emails etc, as an fyi notice or response to a tweet

weetties; ‘words of wisdom’ 'nourishment of knowledge

Etymology of ‘weet’

Representing a Middle English variant of wit(verb).

weet (present weet, present participle wetende, past wis, past participle geweet)

1.   to know

2.   be be aware of


West Frisian

weet; wheat



weet m (plural weten, diminutive weetje n)

1.   knowledge; science.

2.   (archaic) notice; advertisement.

weet; To know and be able to


1. Derivative of Dutch weet meaning "to know" or "knowledge"
2. Derivative of woot meaning something like "YES!"

German and Low German



idea; notion

inkling; suspicion










Example use

someone's tweet to a friend:

hey Trump just tweeted, "stay focused!", his shortest tweet ever!!

friend responds to the tweet with a "weett" (new word to eat):

stweet n; a short, sweet tweet

Word came from

weet(old English, wit) + tweet

by truble