09 Nov 2017




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petit-feggor; AKA; ‘son of a Mitch’; a ‘midget sized’(denoting small body and brain) cheater with no credentials, one who pretends or professes to be an expert in a certain field such as IT, or mechanic in order to dupe someone out of money



petit-feggor; ‘little coward’; the worst, lowest kind of swindler; ‘constipated shyster’(full of crap shyster), one who acts as if they sincerely care, attempting to help, but ends up mitching you in the rear end  




petit; small




feg; coward




mitch; to steal, cheat, pilfer, to be truant(late)












Example use

Hey, what happened to that guy you paid to help you with your website?


Oh that guy, he ended up being a ‘petit-feggor’, the worst kind of criminal there is, I’d rather have a crook follow me to my car, bump me on my head, and take my money, its quicker, but a petit-feggor will lead you on for months wasting your time until you realized you’ve been mitched by a little coward who runs away every time…


Wasn’t his name actually ‘Mitch’?


Ya, and then I found out that his father’s name is also ‘Mitch’


So he was a real ‘son of a Mitch’, ya!!!??


Word came from

pettifogger;an inferior legal practitioner, especially one who deals with petty cases or employs dubious practices.

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