03 Nov 2017



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yujas v(pronounced as, 'yooj-ass', huge-ass) fueled by the power’ of ‘Uranus’, your ruling planet


yujas v; to laugh at someone’s not so funny folly, predicament or unfortunate situation


yujas; situation when being ‘in lust’(not love),  or ‘horny’ causes you to do something dumb; a small mistake spirals out of control, eventually putting you in a dire predicament with no way out, So you end up alone, home alone for the weekend, bored to tears with regret




(comparative jaser, superlative jasest)

(South Africa, vulgar, slang) Horny (desiring sexual activity).

jas; horny




Example use

Yo bro, Yujas!! Yujas, heehee!! How’s the home alone thing doin for ya? Did you learn something about your mistake?


 Ya, I learned that just because Uranus is powerful, doesn’t mean you have to be a, ‘huge ass’ too; it’s not funny bro, don’t laugh!!!

Word came from

jayus (bahasa indo word); joke not so funny