18 Dec 2016



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paups!(as an interjection/exclamation encouragement or exultation)

'peace out to my peeps!(people)

time to relax, 'smell the roses'

enjoy what is ignored

paups!;  'oops!(ups) 'pardon' me (as an apology)

paups!; flowers of apologies, for being 'gal' (crazy mad insane)

paups!; freedom from quarrels and disagreement; harmonious relations; roommates living in peace

paups; relating to 'pauper'; 'meek' not 'weak',  appreciating what you are blessed with, achieving as much as possible within the constraints you have.

Consider the first and second Star Wars trilogies; Ask yourself whether more resources always equal more creativity?



paups!; a shout of hurray for finishing something or for destroying a competitor 



pau; peace


  1. (stative) finished, done
  2. destroyed


  1. The time after work. It is considered a time for relaxation, informal socializing with friends and family, and enjoyment.

pau; spotted dragonet (fish)

Norwegian Nynorsk

gal; crazy mad insane wrong incorrect








Example use

"wow dude, paups!! im sorry i ate the last slice of pizza!!!"

"Paups!!! no worries"



Word came from

puspa (Sanskrit/ Bahasa Indonesia) flower

Image result for peace out to my peeps cartoon

  1. flower, blossom
  2. the menstrual flux
  3. a particular disease of the eye, albugo
  4. a spot on the nails and teeth
  5. (drama) gallantry, politeness, declaration of love
  6. a kind of perfume
  7. blooming, expanding

Note>  puspa in jakarta is also a slang word to mean, 'an extreme form of 'pusing' which means confusion or headache








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