28 Oct 2017

Prances Obama


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 Prances Obama; the most 'prancy pants', 'bi-pratisan', ass-kissing president ever 

prance;prance late 14c., originally of horses, perhaps related to M.E. pranken "to show off," from M.Du. pronken "to strut, parade" (see prank); or perhaps from Dan. dialectal prandse "to go in a stately manner."






Example use

hey prancy pants!! waz up?


Obama; Hey!! have some respect!! I believe you still have to call me "president"!


Oops my bad!!  "Mr Prancident"??


wrong again! Its President!!


how about "Pepsodent!?" your teeth are white house, ill give you that


Thank you but no thanks, its just "President"


How about, 'Prances Guy' ??


Whats wrong with you, that sounds gay!! Read my lips, "President"

ok, how about

"Precedence Obama", its the best i can do

Why is that??

Because your biggest legacy was setting a 'precedence' as the least transparent, (ratsenprancy) president ever  


Obama; ok, can you call me

"Princedent", like my 8 years of purple reigned..?

Yaaa, but your sing and dance sucked Obama, so my final best offer is, since you are master prancer, prince of asskissing darkness how about

Princass Guy-Sir Prance-alot??

But i dont even have a horse?!

You dont need one, you already prance around struttin your stuff like a shiny shitlen phony


Word came from

princess + prance + Obama

by truble