26 Oct 2017



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Trumpsparency; of a certain transparency, one that unconvers a translucent corruption within a supposed, transparent white house

Trumpsparency; real 'transparency', one that allows more undisturbed light to reveal clearer images and the truth while at the same time uncovers a more dim, opaque translucence, e.g, a blurred, frosted administration   

Trumpsparency; transparency lead by a leader who without hesitation, firmly grabs the throat of the white house, then like a faucet, turns it the right way, and then the real transparency exposes what wasnt clearly seen by the publics, naked eye; eg what trump thought was a swamp, turned out to be a sewer, a deeper, foul smelling, sess pool stench of in-cahoot white house rats

Trumpsparency n; the most transparent administration in history; a true leader and winning president who, beholden to no one, not even his own party, is able to pick fights with his own cabinet members and then have the balls to argue it out in public

Trumpsparency; an updated, improved version of a transparency that asks, ‘how much’ and for ‘what purpose’


Trumpsparency; the idea that it takes a true righteous leader beholden to nobody starting from the top in order to get to the bottom to not only find discontented demo-rats who cannot govern, but the scatterbrains are also leading a blind defense of the current transparency practices which has kept the news media — and therefore the public — in the dark for way too long while obstructing the important task of improving upon them






The process of reforming, a more realistic trumpsparency, of checks and balances in a way that reduces democratic distortion and obsessive obstruction


able to achieve policy closure at some reasonable point in order to govern effectively, thereby avoiding typical gridlock from a US political system of divided power constrained by its outdated federal structure    




Trumpsparency; A righteous winning forge towards balancing transparency and confidentiality, a more in depth realistic one that doesn’t merely pump out information which doesn't require context or any consideration of what it's in aid of, which has been the kind of transparency that has lead the white house into way too many disastrous choices






While attempting to drain the swamp through this new trumpsparency discerning process, an extremely messy, more toxic, and convoluted corruption in government is uncovered, one much worse than imagined because the former was a veiled, out dated waste of time and money, a deceiving transparency, useful only to an oblivious prancing president and his shark infested lobby rats, more appropriately called, 'ratsenprancy', not a clear transparency, but rather an opaque, translucent darkness  


Trumpsparency; transparency that unconvers a translucent corruption within a supposed transparent white house








Example use



“forget the swamp, that’s a Hollyweird thing; unfortunately it’s a much more tainted white house of sewer rats that needs to be drained….. thank God for trumpsparency, the real transparency that uncovers what was supposed to be the office with most transparency was actually a more translucent one, more oppropriately called, ‘ratsenprancy’




People are sick and tired of the word “transparency”.!!


Its been more like, ‘ratsenprancy’, for the last 8 tedious years, the rats going about their biz hidden under prances Obama as he signs off on everything, until now


Never before has the US had a trumpsparency of this magnitude



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Trump + transparency

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