12 Sep 2017




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kecilekaan n; a small, insignificant accident; or accident involving midgets

kecilekaan n; any accident involving child's play(including adults)

kecil; small(bahasa Indonesia)






From Germanic roots meaning "play". In the biology sense, it comes specifically from Swedishlek(“child's play”), by means of Swedish leka(“to play”). The verb is first attested in English in 1871 and the noun at least as early as 1867.

 lek; (Britain, dialect,Yorkshire,colloquial) To play.




lek; child's play; typically denotes pleasurable and less rule-bound games and activities


warning !!! you must be under 18 to watch this short video

hey you bumped into my car!!







Example use

No problem bro, its just a "kecilekaan", no harm no foul, actually it looks as if Im the one who has the scratch

Word came from

kecelakaan; accident(bahasa Indonesia)

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