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apemanasan v(apeman-asan); to hit and run on a, hun (short for honey); irregular, lazy lover, chumpansy, monkey-ass, foreplay

Asturian and Spanish

asan, asar, to roast


asan; fish


asan; male donkey ass


to pester, to plague 



 asan, asa; plague ; An ornamental staff held by a ruling monarch as a symbol of power


chumpansy; the bitch in the relationship;

 chump; (opposite of Trump) a blockhead; a loser. Or The thick end, especially of a piece of wood or of a joint of meat.

 pansy; Someone who has the intelligence of a chimpanzee and makes stupid decisions


apemanasan; gorilla-arfware, foreplay; by a man who barely bothers to, shower or take his clothes off before intercourse, and after a quick, whambam, thankyou mam climax, rolls over, and goes to sleep



 arf; Representing the sound of a dog's bark.

 arf; Sometimes has the same connotations of sexual innuendo as woof.



when you have just raped, destroyed, dissed, BxR'd or had multiple counts of unprotected sex, this is your war cry afterwards. Urban dictionary

Gorilla arf-ware; tactical sexual weapon that backfires





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Word came from

pemanasan; foreplay(bahasa Indonesia)

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