29 Aug 2017



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‘gobirado’ n;(go be rado) as a sarcastic expression of gratitude, for something you didn’t ask for, literally, ‘Thanks for the advice, but I didn’t ask you for it!, now go create something radical, don’t just be radically, cynical


Gobirado! can be used to respond to advice or criticism, usually regarding a creation or innovation (e.g a dream project, of anything, dynamic and radical being pursued) suggesting some advice back that before they make any comments, especially if it’s, unsolicited, and negative, with no constructive criticism given, that they should, try to 'go be’ (gobi)radical themselves, contribute to society; create something bleeding edge, make something remarkable, build a one of a kind innovation that re-imagines what is possible in their field, in other words, don't just be radically, skeptical, make something transformational, gobirado! .. 

gobirado; ‘thank you’, but i guess my idea is just too, ‘radical’ for you to understand, but, it’s not too radical to go radical or bleeding edge, its logical, get with the picture


gobirado; thanks, now go be radical or else, you best, hit the road, if you are, ‘middle road’ because these days, there is so much constant change and ways to do things and improve upon them, if you go middle road now, you’ll be left behind, on the road to nowhere, so ‘gobirado’!  


Other ways to use 'gobirado'   

gobirado n; as a, more polite way to say, ‘Im busy’, or an alternative to, ‘Im afraid I can’t go”, literally, ‘thank you’ (for the invitation), but I’m right in the middle of creating something, ‘radical and magical’, I’ll catch you next time, hopefully


gobirado; an expression of gratitude, and polite reminder to 'go be radical, literally, 'thank you for that, now lets ‘go be’(gobi) rado, go be a radical creator, a bleeding edge, innovator of something cool and magical!’ 



 "Don't torture yourself trying to make someone see something they cannot see, or believe something they do not believe. Just stay true to your vision for yourself" Bryant McGill

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Daily Inspiration: 


gobi- see urban dictionary


‘gobi’;  ‘Punjabi’ word for ‘cauliflower’. Used as mildly abusive term for someone who has the same sort of qualities as a cauliflower: sedentary; round (overweight); slow; not very nice on its (his/her) own. 

gobi; short for ‘obeah’; a witch doctor

obeah man; “particularly powerful and evil”  





Example use

‘gobirado, doctor, ‘obeah-wan-ka-know it all’.. gobi something other than what you are because you don’t know sheeeat and im in the middle of creating something real and radical!!

Word came from

obrigado; Portuguese for 'thank you for everything'

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