27 Aug 2017

Dr Phil-Occifer



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DR Philoccifer n(Doctor Phil-Occifer); a know it all, Dr Phil enforcer who shoots down ideas and dreams, and ‘Phils’ heads with negative, subjective opinions instead of offering constructive criticism or helpful advice

one who 'phils'(fills) heads with negative remarks, opinions and destructive critisisms in order to kill someones dream, most likely because of being afraid to fulfill their own dreams or they lack having their own dream never attempting to create anything satisfied with mediocracy,working for others, pay check to paycheck   

Dicktor Phil n; someone, especially a friend, who offers the same constrictive critisism over and over again in order to squeeze the life out of someones idea, filling a person's head with negative comments until they've had their 'Phil' realizing that their friend is actually a real dick   


occi; kill


From Old French ocire, from Vulgar Latin *aucidere, from Latin occ?d?, occ?dere, from ob (“towards; facing”) + caed? (“I cut”).


occi; kill


1.   Jersey) to kill  

 Old French

fer; cruel, harsh tongue 


fer; man


Example use

Hey i dont understand your idea, i dont think it'll work, i think you should give it up, its a waste of time and money!

Thanks for the 'constrictive' critisism, 'Dictor Phil Occifer!' but i didnt ask for your advice or opinion..

Word came from

Dr Phil + officer

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by truble