26 Aug 2017

Phoctor Dill


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Phoctor Dill n; promiscuous, unsolicited, advice giver to any fool who would listen; a Phoctor of Dillosophy; aka phoolosopher, a certified, Dr Phool with a PHD and PHO

PHD; Phocking Dilldodo-birdbrain, dumb phool, creator of nothing but ‘pho’, dismissive ‘pho’ contempt

PHO; a supposed ‘friend’ who acts more like a dismissive foe(pho) when it comes to offering someone, ‘phocking’ advise, like a Dr Phil, especially regarding how to pick up a ‘phocks’(fox) in order to get laid

Phoctor n; a phony phocks(fox) doctor

Dill; ‘Dr ill’ , a sick inducing fool

PHO; a dismissive, negative, noodle head, foe to a friend’s ideas

Phoolosopher; a philosophizing phooler; a super stupid fool who tries to ruin a friend’s ideas

phool; a friend or fool dressed in flowery clothing

phool; Hindi word for flower

DR Phil-occifer; a know it all, Dr Phil enforcer who shoots down ideas and ‘Phils’ heads with negative, subjective opinions instead of offering constructive criticism or helpful advice

Note; Phoctor Dills usually give advise while drinking alone at bars, never seen successfully catching any phockses


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Doctor Phil

by truble