21 Aug 2017

tootal erips of the bun



 tootal erips of the bun; ‘asstrocomical’ alignment of a, black hole and Uranis, during a full moon which unleashes a big bang explosion while landing right ontop of someone’s sleeping face

tootal erips of the bun ; unexpected, toot or fart in the face; A RIPP(Rest In Peace Prank) rip on the face of someone trying to rest or sleep in peace



tutol erips of the bun; a homeschooling tutoring, tut-tut, tool, used to wake up the student where mom sits on the student's face and farts    

col-assal erips; a cabbage gas fart on the face so smelly(stronger than sniffing glue), it could cause a black out or even a grandma to have a heartattack

colassal erips; a Dutch oven prank gone wrong, gas so toxic, it usually takes about 30 seconds to kill someone

colassal; a colossal, cabbage and rotten egg, ass gas that explodes out, extremely rancid and toxic fumes from the deepest parts of a colon   



tut-tut; an expression of disapproval


tut; car horn, or honk


tut; death








David Ross experiences his first tootal erips, Dancing With Stars 













Example use

so did you learn at homeschool with mom today?

ya, im gettin 'tutored' by mom alright. I learned i should set my alarm next time

why is that? 

Because mom likes to rip a nasty van winkle right on my head every morning to wake me up! Shes always loved to tut her own horn but this has got to stop.. 

So your first lesson was science and you experienced a, 'tutol erips of the bun', .... you best set the alarm boy if you dont want a colassal erips from daddy because that can be lethal, itll drive u batty!

'Once upon a time i was falling asleep,

But, now a bomb wakes me up in the dark!!

Nothing i can say, butt a tootal erips of the fart!!!....' 












Word came from

total eclipse of the sun

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